Tourism New Zealand

New Zealand Tourism: New Zealand offers visitors a wide range of options and places to visit, there is such a diversity of things to see & do within 1 ½ hours flight time. . To assist in choosing the kinds of activities to enjoy there is an official Visitor Information Network. This is called VIN for short and is officially recognised to provide reliable tourist information about New Zealand. There are many VIN centres all around the country, at present there are already over 94 locations.

Visitors to New Zealand should also look out for the NZ Tourism Awards. These are a symbol of excellence and quality tourism destinations. Essentially it is type of assurance given by the New Zealand Tourism New Zealand Board that you will receive the best product, experience or service NZ has to offer.

To keep in touch with the folks back home, be sure to enquire about Poste Restante at a New Zealand Post Office. With this service your letters can be held for up to three months - free of charge. For the more technology savvy visitors there are a number of Internet cafes throughout the country. To get a list please look these up in the Yellow Pages. Lastly, be sure to check out the Tourist FM Radio. The frequency is 88.2 FM (100.4 FM for German & 100.8 FM for Japanese) - they transmit 24 hours a day.

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