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Lets Go New Zealand Self Drive Options

New Zealand is 1,600 km long and 450 km wide at its widest part. Covering an area of approximately 270,500 sq km (all islands combined) it is roughly the size of Japan, the British Isles or California - large enough to contain a huge variety of scenic attractions, and small enough so you can get to see most of them.

With New Zealand being one of the top destinations in the world to explore via the road Lets Go New Zealand make sure that we offer the most extensive range of motorhome and rental car options for our clients.

Motorhome Rental (Click here to view our extensive range of available motorhome options)
With hundreds of holiday and accommodation parks throughout New Zealand, motorhomes are a practical and popular way to travel.
They are ideal for those who like a certain level of independence and prefer to plan their own itinerary. You can simply drive until you find somewhere to stay, or camp out for a few days, relax a little and explore the local area.
Rentals vary according to season and are based on unlimited kilometres per day. Other costs include insurance, and a bond that is refundable if all terms and conditions are met.
For summer hire, it is essential to book before arriving in New Zealand.
Commonly the legal age to rent a motorhome in New Zealand is from 21 years, however, this can range up to 25 years.

Rental Car (Click here to view our extensive range of available rental car options)
Rediscover the joy of motoring on New Zealand's uncongested, good quality roads.
International car rental firms and local companies hire a wide range of vehicles. Most firms have some great deals that should be pre-booked before leaving home. One-way hire between some company locations is available, though certain restrictions may apply.
The majority of rental firms require that you take out accident insurance with an insurance company nominated by them. You can legally drive in New Zealand for up to 12 months if you have either a current driver's licence from your home country, or an International Driving Permit (IDP). Commonly the legal age to rent a car in New Zealand is from 21 years, however, this can range up to 25 years.



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